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Divorce Planning Services

Divorces are challenging experiences that come with various messy factors and considerations that need to be taken into account. And alongside all of that, there can be feelings of anger and mistrust, and having a respectful and peaceful divorce may seem absolutely impossible. But at PeacefulSplit®, Eric Epstein is here to be your mediator and give you the divorce planning services you need to limit all of the stress and complications as well as steadily drive toward having a peaceful and respectful divorce. These services include looking at all the potential factors of your divorce separation and ensuring that everything that you need to discuss and set up is done in a well-mediated condition. Factors such as parenting plans, child support, and divorce settlement agreements all come rushing into play when a divorce takes place, and this can be overwhelming. But what you need to know is that Eric is here with over 25 years of professional experience in this field and ready to put all of his skillsets to work towards obtaining a peaceful divorce for you.

There is no judgment here at PeacefulSplit®; you will be given professional services while we Eric still works with you on a sympathetic level. How these divorce planning services work, outside of organizing financial factors and child support, is by creating a safe place for consultation between the two divorcing parties to occur. Eric helps you handle each factor of the divorce and come to a solution that is practical and fair to everyone involved. Both parties can say no to whatever they wish, but no matter how long it takes, Eric will be there to mediate the conversation and encourage it into grounds of productivity. Don’t wait to start making this process of your divorce easier; call today to get your divorce planning services underway.

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