Mediations Held In Boca Raton or by Video Conference With Spouses Anywhere in Florida

PeacefulSplit® Mediation is likely  your best option

You're less likely to prefer litigation and all of its inherent risks.

You're more likely to prefer the predictability of a mediated settlement.

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Eric Helps Couples Like You Avoid The Stress, Anxiety, and Expenses Typically Associated With Traditional Divorce

Choosing Mediation Is The Best Of Both Worlds

Often times when a spouse first contacts me, they have heard horror stories about divorce and how one spouse felt like they were taken advantage of during the process.  They fear not knowing if they can participate in mediation without being represented by a lawyer. They fear settling for less than they think they deserve.

Mediation is RISK FREE.  That's right, I said RISK FREE.  Neither spouse waives any rights they have in case mediation doesn't work out for them. The worst case scenario - which in all of my years mediating divorces I have never seen, is that you and your spouse will not agree about any of the issues.  

Practically, the worst case scenario is that there may be one issue that you can't resolve despite you good-faith attempts.  In that case, the settlement agreement that I draft for you will resolve all of the other issues, and you would only need a Judge to resolve that one open issue for you.  That's a lot better than having the Court resolve all of your issues!  

In my experience, about 70% of the divorces that I have provided my PeacefulSplit® divorce mediation services have settled ALL issues in the very 1st session. I'm sure you are very surprised by that statistic!  However, the comments I mostly hear from spouses after resolving all of their divorce issues is "I can't believe it went so smoothly and peacefully; I didn't expect it to be so easy." 

Litigation Is Likely Better For You

"Winner" or "Loser"

Are You Willing To Consider Mediation?

Fair & Equitable Settlement

Unpredictable Outcomes

Predictable Outcomes

Excessive Legal Fees

Filled With Stress & Anxiety

Affordable $2,200 Flat-Rate Fee

Relaxed and Calm Experience

Peaceful-Focused Mediation

Eric is passionate, dedicated, and focused about helping couples 

ANYWHERE in Florida (by video conference) & LOCALLY in Boca Raton 


$2,200 FEE

No Guessing 

Flat-Rate Fee


Spouses Make All Of The Decisions


Collaborative Process
Less Stress & Worry


Children's Needs 1st
Customized Plans

Easy 6-Step Process To Achieve A PeacefulSplit® Divorce




Mediation vs. Litigation

It's a No-Brainer!


  • You Are Each In Control
    Mediation gives you both veto power over every issue & decision. No Need to Fight. Just say YES or NO.  
  • Reduced Stress & Anxiety
    Divorce is stressful. Mediation reduces anxiety by focusing on problem resolution - not problem talk.  
  • Predictable & Flat-Fee
    $2,200 Flat-Rate. No Retainers. No lawyers. No billable-hours. No surprises. One less worry & uncertainty.  
  • Private & Relaxed Setting
    Private and comfortable setting. YOU choose the date and time. Video or In-Person Sessions.
  • No Time-Contraints
    No rush to resolve issues. Mediation and the process proceed according to time-tables YOU determine.  


  • The Judge Is In Control
    Litigation places many decisions over your divorce in a Judge's hands - who doesn't know you or your family.  
  • Increased Stress & Anxiety
    Uncertainty. Judges. Lawyers. Court Appearances. Loss of Power & Control. Increased anxiety & stress.
  • Unpredictable Hourly Fees
    Large upfront retainers. One or likely two lawyers billing by the hour. Who knows the ultimate cost and expense? Will it be tens of thousands of dollars? 
  • Public Courthouse
    Your divorce proceedings are public. Dates and times unilaterally set by the Court.  
  • Court Controls The Time-Tablesl
    Your court-case will be assigned to a random judge and proceed according to the judge's schedule. 

Conclusion: Mediation is a Win-Win!

PeacefulSplit® Divorce Mediation with Attorney, Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator, and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Eric B. Epstein is a Peaceful Process focusing on the needs of each spouse and the best interest of the children. Eric personally conducts every mediation in a sensitive and private environment. 

Confused? Full of Questions?

Don't Know Where To Start?

Eric Has All The Answers About the PeacefulSplit® Divorce Mediation Process And Is Ready To Help You Now.