The Different Divorce Effects on Men and Women

November 28, 2019 in Emotions & Divorce

Moving On Past Divorce - It's Hard For Everyone

Men and women are equally likely to end a non-marital relationship. A recent study confirms that it is women who are more likely to initiate divorce proceedings. However, as both former partners begin their post-divorce lives, who has the tougher time?

Why Women Start Most Divorces?

According to the study, which was published in Science Daily and researched by the American Sociological Association, a big reason for women beginning the divorce process is a desire for the flexibility available in non-marital relationships.

A key finding in that study was dissatisfaction with a perceived loss of independence, coupled with husbands who tend to be controlling.

A different study from the AARP (the American Association of Retired Persons) also found that women tend to initiate the divorce process – but for different reasons. The study found that women “were more in tune with the danger signs of a problem marriage.” The study also found that men were more likely to be completely caught off guard by the suggestion of a split. Women usually ask for the divorce, and surprise their husbands more often than their husbands surprise them. The majority fault their husbands for their unsuccessful marriage, more than husbands fault their wives.

Regardless Who Starts The Divorce - Both Spouses Equally Experience It!

Who Fares Better After Divorce?

With evidence showing that women initiate more divorces, there’s research suggesting that women – as compared to men – also enjoy happier and healthier lifestyles thereafter.

A research project into the post-divorce health habits of men and women found that its men who are more likely to experience negative physical and mental health effects following a separation.

Among the suspected causes of such findings is the absence of a positive healthy influence many wives have upon their husbands. When that influence is no longer around, many men are prone to develop unhealthy habits, including use of tobacco and alcohol.

An NBC News report suggested that many men take longer to recover from the shock of divorce because they often do not realize how dependent they are upon their spouses or partners until they are served with divorce papers.

Both Spouses Need Time To Recover From Divorce!

How Is Dating After Divorce?

According to research by the AARP, the vast majority (82%) of divorcees dated after their divorce, which led to marriage for most. Almost 9 in 10 men (87%) dated after their divorce, compared to 8 in 10
women (79%). Almost a third of men (32%) started dating before the divorce was final, compared to a fifth (20%) of women who did the same. Among those who dated after the divorce, more than half of men (54%) but fewer women remarried (39%). Age at the time of the divorce was a determinative factor.  88% of women in their 40s dated (35% did before the divorce was final), while 79% of women in their 60s and older did the same (13% did before the divorce was final).

Divorce Does Not Mean The End Of Your Relationships!

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