Senior Divorce Issues Are Easily Resolved In Mediation

February 7, 2022 in PeacefulSplit® Mediation

Seniors Divorce Too - What To Expect?

When most people think of divorcing couples, they tend to picture a young couple or a middle-aged couple with children. However, I now help many couples in their 50s, 60s, and even 70s. They choose to divorce after short-term or long-term marriages. These senior couples often present with unique challenges. 

I inherently understand the challenges the older or senior couples face in their divorce. My unique background as a mediator and psychotherapist lets me assist all couples regardless of age. My wife and I are married for over 23 years. I focus on helping couples focus on peace during the divorce process. I try my best to ensure that divorce is as painless and amicable as possible. Read this article and learn about some myths and realities of senior divorce mediation.

My Spouse Has A Large 401(k). Can We Divide That In Mediation?

While younger spouses may have a 401(k) or pension in their own name, they tend to be smaller in value. Older couples, tend to have larger retirement account values. Allocating pension plans and retirement accounts are challenging and contentious. Regardless of the type of retirement account, I work with couples to figure out if and how they want to divide up pensions or other retirement accounts. The settlement agreement that I personally draft for every couple who chooses a PeacefulSplit® Divorce Mediation includes specific and detailed language on how the couple decides to allocate, if at all, their pension plans.

Remember, All Issues, Including Retirement Plans, Are Resolved In Mediation!

My Spouse Controls The Finances. What Do I Do?

When a spouse first contacts me, especially older spouses, they often ask me: "my spouse always controlled our money; I don't even have access to our accounts - I feel blinded and that's scary!" In mediation, the powerful part of the process is that each spouse has complete freedom to decide what they want to settle for on each issue, and if and when to sign the agreed-upon settlement agreement.
Never Feel Forced
Although there is no "forced" or "compulsory" disclosure of financial statements in the mediation process, you are under no obligation to agree to any issues until you feel your spouse has provided to you whatever documents or supporting statements that you decide you need to have to feel comfortable and ready to agree to issues and sign a settlement agreement.

Even If You Don't Know The Finances, You Still Have Power Over The Settlement!

We Are Older & Don't Want To Spend Thousands On Divorce?

Many divorce lawyers charge several hundreds of dollars per hour to handle your case. They will almost always require a large up-front retainer too. That can easily run your final bill to tens of thousands of dollars – and ever higher if your spouse decides to fight the divorce. In a PeacefulSplit® Divorce Mediation, I charge a predictable low flat rate of only $1,800 that will not leaving you guessing about the final cost of your divorce. I commit to helping you resolve your issues as quickly and economically as possible. I'd rather you spend that money on your children or family.

Peaceful Mediation With Eric is Only $1,800 - No Surprises!

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